Grievance Policy 1.2 - Learners and Participants

Innovative Learning wishes to provide a comfortable, effective webbased learning environment. We monitor the system 24/7/365 from different locations in the United States. We monitor each server and local director; we monitor the number of active sessions and the average/peak response time. Two senior engineers are on call 24/7/365.

Our Helpdesk function includes phone and email support for Administrators and Instructors, and email support for Learners. Innovative Learning uses a proprietary monitoring system to inform our support personnel of problems that users may be experiencing with their browser, personal firewall, or popup blocker. This constant monitoring allows our support personnel to contact and help Learners quickly and accurately. Currently less than 1% of support issues require follow up beyond the first response. No support issue ever goes unresolved. More granular reports allow us to see how long specific sections of a course took and what is the most common answer to certain questions are thus allowing for continuous improvement of the system and content.

Other systems include:

  1. Organizations:
    1. When an organization is seen to be falling behind in it's overall progress, the following will occur:
      1. The identified contact person is notified so as to raise their awareness regarding a potential problem.
      2. Solutions, based on our experience, are shared and a “trouble shooting” meeting is held.
      3. Following an identified and agreed upon period of time, progress is re-evaluated and further problem solving workshops are held when required.
  2. Individuals:
    1. When an individual is seen to be falling behind or not meeting course requirements, the following will occur:
      1. The individual is contacted via the integrated messaging system, offering assistance.
      2. The individual is tutored and advised to use the integrated Bulletin Board and Chat Room facility and connect with their peers who are also completing the training material. Experience has proven this to be a most effective and non-threatening means of assisting progress.
      3. We encourage the formation on “online study groups” made up of their peers.
      4. We work with others within the organization to support the individual so as to develop an internal” resource.
If in the event a learner or participant feels that there is inappropriate conduct or activity on the part of the company, management, its employees, vendors, customers, or any other persons or entities related to the company, we request that you bring this concern to the immediate attention of our Customer Relations Director, Shannon Miles. She can be reached at or 1-805-717-0704.

If you do not receive a sufficient response to your written complaint within TEN working days from providing it to our Customer Relations Director you may contact Vicki Moeller, Managing Director of USA and International Operations at or 1-805-895-4535.

It is the purpose of this grievance procedure to help maintain a positive learning environment with respect and responsibility towards each other. The company cannot promise that your specific grievance or complaint will result in the action you request or that you will be satisfied with the outcome of the grievance procedure.